Mayfair, London Erdem Fashion Boutique

Project Description

Client:  Erdem Moralıoğlu – Fashion designer
Location:   Mayfair, London
Project Time Table:   7 Days Over 6 Months
Year Completed:   2014
Value:   £8,000 – £8,500
Commision:   P.Joseph, Interior Design

World class fashion designer Erdem decided to open a clothing boutique in one of the most fashionable shopping districts in the world, Mayfair, London. With clients such as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, he needed something extra special for his flagship store.
Working with interior designers P. Joseph, we developed a solution that delivered on performance visual impact.

The Challenges

Working in London brings with it additional logistical difficulties plus Erdem works to pretty exacting standards. His fashion boutique was to be no exception in delivering an experience that reflects his sense of style and chic.
Designer Philip Joseph had already rejected one proposal from a competitor when he came to FINITA.
The pressure was on for us to deliver a solution that met the exacting criteria of the brief. Easy for staff and visiting clients to use, robust enough for continuous daily use and visually low impact inline with the minimalist decor.

Fortunately this was nothing we at FINITA were not used to.

Erdem Mayfair boutique
Erdem Fashion Boutique Mayfair
Erdem Fashion Boutique
Erdem - Fashion Boutique

Project Details

This project had the following features installed

  • Multiple wireless access-points for uninterrupted internet connectivity over wifi
  • CAT6 Network infrastructure
  • Amplified multi-zone Music & Radio server
  • Fully concealed Invisible speakers
  • Independent volume & content control in every zone
  • Control lighting system from Mode Lighting
  • In-ceiling Speakers in the dressing rooms

For a really clean look, we recommended Sonance Invisible Series speakers. These fully concealed speakers are mounted into the plasterboard then plastered & painted over. The end result is high fidelity sound from wall or ceiling but with no grill to disturb the lines of the interior.
As well as the showroom all three changing rooms have their own stereo sound. This can be independently controlled or combined with the main retail areas. The listening level can be set for each speaker then controlled with a single slider via an app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

Music Server
Powering the speakers is a P series Nuvo amplified music server for high-quality lossless playback from FLAC or MP3 via a memory stick or portable hard drive connected to any one of the multiple USB sockets. It can also stream from a handheld device over the WiFi or access hundreds of radio stations via the internet.

Wireless Networking
From ground floor to basement the site boasts a wireless mesh network for uninterrupted internet access using Ubiquiti access points. Their low profile design is small & discreet with no obvious antennae & the indicator lights can be switched off from the control management platform making them very unobtrusive.

Another great install from Finita that met the client’s expectations.

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