What is AV/Smart Home Installation or Custom Install?

Most modern homes have Telephone, HiFi, Internet and Television. Often these products are afterthoughts purchased once the home has been decorated and furnished.
In-Home Automation we treat technology products in the same way as your plumbing & electrics. With your help, we plan & know what equipment is going were well in advance of the building’s completion.

Manor House kitchen

Wireless Networking

Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Game Consoles need reliable wireless networking and internet connectivity. The key to a successful Whole Home WiFi solution is experience, knowledge and planning.

Buckinghamshire Country Retreat Entertainment/Media Room

Multi Room Audio Visual

Multi room Audio Visual systems provide convenient easy access to your entertainment. You can make listening and viewing choices quickly using smartphones, tablets, in-wall touch panels or remotes.

luxury home cinema

Home Cinema Installation

The best way to enjoy your favourite film or TV series is in the comfort of your own home. Watch the movies you love in Vivid High Definition with immersive Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

Buckinghamshire Country Retreat Kitchen

Mood & Control Lighting

Good well thought out lighting has the ability to create ambiance making you feel comfortable & secure. Control lighting lets you have multiple scenes to reflect different moods.

Smart Home Control Panel

Smart Home Control

The smart home has arrived with the internet gradually making its way into everything from appliances to thermostats you can control most things in your house from your smartphone or tablet.


Outside Entertainment

You can now bring your entertainment outside with our Outdoor Speakers options. Listen to your favorite music or radio on your patio or decking and easily control content and volume using your phone or tablet.


Why Consider Custom Install for Your Home?

Because we have a considered approach equipment installed by us at the end of your build is less intrusive. Cables are hidden in the wall, speakers recessed into the ceiling and televisions wall mounted which means there is no need to purchase additional furniture. And in case you are wondering about Satellite boxes, these can be stored out of sight elsewhere in the home but still accessible by every TV. It doesn’t have to stop there, we can centralise all your source equipment, DVD player, MP3 player or Radio.

We don’t just stop at TV & Audio, there are plenty of great technologies tried & tested in the commercial sector which is now filtering down to the home. For example, control lighting systems will save you money as well as provide convenience and security. Using your internet connection you can remotely access your home letting you control and program your heating, hot water, gates, doors & of course security cameras from anywhere.

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    Why Choose Finita?

    Because you want the best for you and your family

    If you expect excellence FINITA is for you. From a large AV/Smart Home Control Project to mounting a Television you can be confident the finished solution will meet your expectations because each and every client is important. Our step-by-step project management and quality control process delivers great results every time and when the installation is complete you can relax in the knowledge that FINITA will be with you for the life of the product, not just the project. Our unparalleled customer service from beginning to end sets us apart from most other AV/Smart Home Installers.

    Begin by considering what is the perfect solution for you and your family. What does it offer that you are missing right now? It might be faultless wireless connectivity throughout the house or outside entertainment to share with family and friends when the weather turns. Once you have some ideas, that is the time to get in touch for an informal chat by calling 01494 853450. If you’re not ready to talk yet you may prefer to send us a brief email or complete our contact form to ask for a bit more information.

    When you are ready we can propose a solution for you to evaluate and discuss. At FINITA we believe it’s about making an informed decision so you can plan your next steps.

    For a quality result let FINITA make the space where you spend your time a wonderful place to live.