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Create ambiance, save money and be kind to the environment

Controlled lighting is kinder to the environment and has the ability to create a comfortable, secure environment. Dimming the lights by just 10% will reduce your carbon footprint, save money and double the life of the bulb. The best part is you won’t notice any difference in light.

Lighting scenes can be created for any room in your home

By pre-setting which lights to dim in your lounge, for example, you can have a scene for a romantic meal, watching TV, reading, or listening to music. Strategically placing an infra-red sensor on your landing you can illuminate a softly lit path from your bedroom to the bathroom at night.

A controlled lighting system is programmable to operate the way you want it to operate. It is even possible for the lighting control system to memorise your use of the lights over a given period and then mimic them whilst your home is unoccupied, creating the illusion that there is someone in residence.

Controlled lighting installation is as much about peace of mind as it is about the quality of life.

Remote Control

Lighting Control Switch

A control lighting solution lets you do just that, take control. Forgotten to switch lights off on your way to bed? No problem, switch all lights off from a keypad by your bed. Alternatively, pressing a single ‘panic’ button could bring all the lights on inside and out if you think you hear an intruder. A burglar is less likely to hang around once the alarm is raised. Discover what else you can control in a Smart Home remotely here.

10 Benefits to a Lighting Control System

1. Get rid of all the wall acne: Chances are the rooms in your home have more than one lighting fixture which means several light switches on a wall. A lighting control system would remove them all from the wall and replace them with one keypad that has several button controls for all the lights in the space.

2. Control all the lights with one button press: A lighting control system has the ability to program an unlimited number of scenes for all the spaces in your home. Imagine hitting a HOME button that lights a path from your garage into your kitchen. This is a great feature when your hands are full and you need to safely get into the house.

3. Never worry about your landscape lights again: A lighting control system can provide an astronomical time clock that always knows when its sunrise and sunset so your landscape lights always know when to turn on and off.

4. Control your lights from your iPhone or iPad: We’ve all experienced sitting comfortably on the sofa about to play a movie when we’ve realised that the lights were still on in the kitchen. Now you can control the lights with your iPhone.  Don’t get up!  Conveniently access all the lights in your home from a lighting app.

5. Dimming lights saves energy: Incorporating dimmers in a lighting control system means you can program your lights to never go above 75%. Lower the light levels in your space and see a reduction in your electric bill.

Why Choose Finita?

Because you want the best for you and your family

If you expect excellence FINITA is for you. From a large AV/Smart Home Control Project to mounting a Television you can be confident the finished solution will meet your expectations because each and every client is important. Our step-by-step project management and quality control process delivers great results every time and when the installation is complete you can relax in the knowledge that FINITA will be with you for the life of the product, not just the project. Our unparalleled customer service from beginning to end sets us apart from most other AV/Smart Home Installers.

Finita AudioVisual - Design & Install

Begin by considering what is the perfect solution for you and your family. What does it offer that you are missing right now? It might be faultless wireless connectivity throughout the house or outside entertainment to share with family and friends when the weather turns. Once you have some ideas, that is the time to get in touch for an informal chat by calling 01494 853450. If you’re not ready to talk yet you may prefer to send us a brief email or complete our contact form to ask for a bit more information.

When you are ready we can propose a solution for you to evaluate and discuss. At FINITA we believe it’s about making an informed decision so you can plan your next steps.

For a quality result let FINITA make the space where you spend your time a wonderful place to live.

Great lighting has the ability to set the mood.

It can make you feel comfortable, provides security and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint which reduces your environmental impact. Dimming the lights just by 10% will reduce your energy consumption saving you money and the difference in light is hardly noticeable to the eye.

Don’t Underestimate Good Lighting

6. Dimming extends the life of your bulbs: With a system that can dim all the lights in your home, you will not only be saving energy but also extending the life of the bulbs – saving time and money.

7. Set the scene: Having an intimate dinner party with friends?  Set the mood with dim lights throughout the space for a more relaxed feeling. Improve productivity with task lighting. A button named CLEAN UP can turn up the lights to 100% so a room is more visible for cleaning.

8. Integrate your lights with your home automation system: Already have an automation system in your home? Why not add your lights into the system for additional control. Lighting control presets can allow your lights to turn on when your security systems is set off. You can also control other systems in your house (i.e. Audio/Video) with your lighting keypads.

9. Never again have lights on in an empty room: We have all experienced walking into an empty room with the lights on. A lighting control system can prevent this from happening by using an occupancy sensor that will automatically shut the lights off when a room is vacant.

10. LED bulbs can dim: Thinking about switching the bulbs in your home but you want to make sure they can dim? LED bulbs can be tested with various dimmers to find the one that dims them just right. Many of the dimmers in lighting control systems can dim LED bulbs down to .5% similar to incandescent bulbs.

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Amazon Alexa Integration

Alexa by Amazon

Directly control a Mood Lighting system using voice. No need to press a button to adjust light, shade, or temperature control scenes. Simply tell Alexa to do it for you: Alexa, turn on Kitchen.