Ibiza Holiday Villa, Outside Music

Project Description

Location:  The Island of Ibiza
Project Time Table:   21 Days Over 21 Months
Year Completed:   2013
Value:   £45,000- £50,000
Commision:   Client/Owner

A comfortable island retreat and a home away from home. It feels relaxed and comfortable for family life and can easily be adapted for entertaining large numbers too. With WiFi and discrete speakers situated throughout the residence it makes the most of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle and the stunning grounds in which it is situated.

The Challenges

Properties abroad bring with them additional logistical challenges. On the island of Ibiza product and materials are in short supply. Almost everything has to be shipped to site, in particular specialist equipment. Never deterred the team at Finita treated this fabulous multi-million Euro holiday home just like any other project but with a few local differences.

Having worked for the client before we were very clear about what was expected from us. The client expected a home from home. This meant UK Sky+HD and on demand services like BBC iPlayer. Additional challenges came from London-based interior design firm Studio Ilse who had strict ideas about our products which should be heard & not seen. After two years of collaboration, the end result is spectacular.

Mediterranean Villa - Whole Home WiFi
Beach Side Villa
Ibiza Family Retreat - Whole Home WiFi
Mediterranean Villa by the Beach

Project Details

This project had the following features installed

  • Multiple wireless access-points for 100% connectivity including outside in the garden & by the pool
  • Amplified multi-zone Music & Radio plus iPod Dock
  • CAT6 Network infrastructure for convenience & future expansion
  • Synchronised Music collection between two properties
  • UK SkyHD
  • Programmable wand remote controls
  • 100watt Marine grade outdoor speakers
  • Satellite Broadband
  • Access to UK on-demand streaming content

Outdoor entertainment was just as important as indoor but had to withstand the very changeable climate of the Mediterranean seasons, wet winters & blisteringly hot summers. For outdoor areas around the pool, lawn & children’s play area we installed Niles Marine OS Series speakers discreetly secured in the undergrowth. Backed up by a 100watt amplifier a pair of these 125watt units can really pack a punch & fill an outside area with beautiful crisp sounds. Inside we chose dual stereo ceiling comes from Niles Si Series to minimise the number of grills on display & take advantage of what little ceiling cavity there was. These performed perfectly in the open plan areas of the house.

Music Server
Already using an Autonomic music server in their London residence we were able to synchronise the collection between both properties so that the owner had access to the same music & radio library as they were used to at home.

UK TV & Satellite
The client insisted this holiday property had to be a home from home & Sky Satellite was no exception. So that is what we did. All the usual UK channels including Sky Sports beamed around the property in HD with the added benefit of on-demand services like BBC iPlayer. It didn’t matter that this was Ibiza we made it work.

The island of Ibiza has notoriously poor internet connectivity, just ask a local. After much research, we settled on a Satellite broadband from TooWay. Fault free & consistent 30 megabits internet connectivity. Perfect for video conference, on-demand services & general internet use.

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