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Audio Visual entertainment throughout your home

Our Multi room Audio Visual solutions provide convenient access to your entertainment and are easy to use. You can make entertainment choices using a smartphone, tablet or in-wall touch panel quickly via an App. The app enables control on a room by room basis or everywhere all at once. With multi room music or radio, you can listen anywhere at home including outside with our discreet high fidelity acoustic solutions.

You can change the mood of your living space with our speaker solutions, whether it be a housewarming party or a romantic night in for two. Let us show you how to manage your music with custom playlists which you can set to play at different times of the day. Morning, night and workout. Or listen to morning radio in the shower and continue in the kitchen over breakfast. Or at the end of a long day relax in the bath to smooth tunes. The choices in this product category are extensive but with our knowledge and experience, we can advise on the best system for your and your family based on performance and budget.

All your 4K or HD Audio Visual entertainment delivered to every Television throughout your home

Multi room Television lets you share your Sky and Blu-Ray entertainment throughout your home to any and every TV. There is no loss of quality or content and you have full control of the source device even though it may be situated in another room. This means you can start watching content in one room, pause, and finish in another room. Or simultaneously share and watch a blu-ray movie two or more televisions.

You can experience the same convenience with your music collection with a multi room audio system.

Buckinghamshire Country Retreat Playroom

Easy to Use Control

You are probably used to one remote for every device you own. In some instances, this could be as many as five remotes just in your living room. It’s complicated, untidy and not very child or adult friendly to use. In our multi-room installs, we replace your five remotes for one multi-function keypad, touch panel or wireless remote. Our control device is specially designed and programmed to mimic the functions of each of your devices. Our programmed controllers are also intelligent, for example, choosing sky from the remote will automatically trigger the TV to switch on if it is off.

Speakers for Any Space

You can have quality listening music and radio anywhere around your home, even outside in the garden. Our exterior speaker solutions come with a 10-Year Guarantee and are certified for the harshest environments meaning they are tough enough for any European garden.

Speaker Options

Speakers don’t have to be intrusive anymore. They come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose from ceiling (as pictured), plastered in-wall (Invisible), shallow surface mount or traditional box (cabinet) speaker options for that classy retro look. Best of all we have listened and compared many brands and models so you don’t have to. This means we can steer you to the best quality products for your budget.

Outside Speakers

Create ambience throughout your home

With our extensive range of speaker options. Manage your music and radio with custom playlists for the way you live your life. Listen to the morning radio in the shower and carry on in the kitchen over breakfast with your family. Create something fast-paced for that workout in the gym or relax in the bath at the end of a long day to smooth tunes, the choices are yours. And with our help and experience, we can advise on the best systems for you and your family based on your budget and listening choices

Multi-Room Music Possibilities…

Whole Home Audio

Multi Room Music & Radio

Our Multi room Audio Systems are tastefully presented throughout your property. You can choose to control your media via in-wall keypads, remotes or wireless enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. This gives you the convenience to instantly relay requests for volume, radio station, artist, album or track either in one room or throughout the entire house all at once. Multi room installations help declutter your property. All the devices and cables are hidden discreetly under the stairs or in a cupboard. Gone is the unsightly tangle of wires that plague other residences.

Music Streaming and Storage

With your collection stored digitally on a music server, you will be able to do away with unsightly CD boxes. You can browse your music collection by artist, album, tracks or playlist. Select directly using elegant & easy to use in-wall keypads or remote controls. Imagine never having to get up & hunt through disc boxes or change a CD again.

Because you can control the volume from your phone there is no need to have amplifiers on display, unless you want to! This means all the equipment can be stored out of sight giving your rooms a cleaner look.

NUVO Music control

Audio Visual Matrix

Multiple Sources, (SkyQ, Virgin, Blu-ray) delivered to any Television with Multi Room Video

Once the technology and televisions are in place possibilities are available to you that you didn’t have before.

  • For greater security and peace of mind for you and your family, you can have your CCTV or video entry phone on any screen you choose at the press of a button.
  • Why get up to browse your movie collection. Invest in a media server and you can browse your films by genre, actor or cover all from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Watch morning TV in the bedroom, then pause it and continue downstairs in the kitchen.

You can watch multiple sources at once on different TVs or the same source on every TV simultaneously.

Your next steps towards a fantastic Audio Visual Home are...

Begin by considering which spaces around your home you want entertainment. These spaces are known as zones and might be outside as well as inside. Large open plan areas should be treated as a single zone for music even though they may use more than one pair of speakers.

Next consider how you would like to control and manage each entertainment zone. In-wall keypads, dedicated remotes, mobile devices such as smartphones or a combination of all of them are all possible. It’s about what is convenient.

A helpful piece of information is to know what your families entertainment preferences are. Knowing your Audio Visual tastes can help make Television and speaker choices. What sort of music do you listen to, Pop, Classical, Jazz? Are you a film critic or a TV Series binge watcher?

Lastly how does your family currently buy and store their entertainment, Blu-ray Disc, iTunes or a Streaming Service? This is important as it may help influence which entertainment technology systems are best for your requirements. At FINITA we don’t believe one size fits all.

With this information we can formulate a solution for you to evaluate. Once you are armed with facts and figures you can make an informed decision and plan your next steps. Even if that next step is you decide to do something different we’re here to help.

Why Choose Finita?

Because you want the best for you and your family

If you expect excellence FINITA is for you. From a large AV/Smart Home Control Project to mounting a Television you can be confident the finished solution will meet your expectations because each and every client is important. Our step-by-step project management and quality control process delivers great results every time and when the installation is complete you can relax in the knowledge that FINITA will be with you for the life of the product, not just the project. Our unparalleled customer service from beginning to end sets us apart from most other AV/Smart Home Installers.

Begin by considering what is the perfect solution for you and your family. What does it offer that you are missing right now? It might be faultless wireless connectivity throughout the house or outside entertainment to share with family and friends when the weather turns. Once you have some ideas, that is the time to get in touch for an informal chat by calling 01494 853450. If you’re not ready to talk yet you may prefer to send us a brief email or complete our contact form to ask for a bit more information.

When you are ready we can propose a solution for you to evaluate and discuss. At FINITA we believe it’s about making an informed decision so you can plan your next steps.

For a quality result let FINITA make the space where you spend your time a wonderful place to live.

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