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Outside entertainment

A gardens is an extension to your homes living spaces. They can be a satisficing place to relax and unwind or a great place to entertain friends with a garden party or BBQ.
You can now bring your entertainment outside with our Outdoor Speakers options. Listen to your favorite music or radio on your patio or decking and easily control content and volume using your phone or tablet.

Designed and tested for Outside

All of our speaker options are premium branded, rugged and durable, designed purposely to sound great outside and not to be confused with cheaper alternatives found in the garden department of your local DIY store.

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10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Obviously outside speakers are exposed permanently to the elements so designed to be resistant to extreme weather unlike those used domestically indoors. Most of the brands we supply come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and have been rigorously tested in some of the harshest environments to prove their worth.

Nile Outside Speaker

Planter Speakers

Speakers for Any Space

While they are described and marketed for outdoor use, our ranges of Outdoor Speakers may also be ideal for indoor environments where a rugged, splash proof or waterproof speaker is required. For example in a commercial environment, indoor swimming pool or sauna. An Outdoor Speakers can offer similar acoustic performance to hi-fi stereo speakers and feature similar or identical components to their bookshelf or floorstanding counterparts however are built to withstand more testing environments.

Not complicated, No Fuss

Outdoor Speakers are typically passive, meaning that they will require an amplifier in order to power them and provide signal. They connect to speaker cable and in most regards are similar to stereo hi-fi speakers. This means they are always ready for listing when you want them

Create ambience throughout your home

Whether you want to listen to the arches whilst you potter in the garden or you want to pump up the bass at the BBQ we have an outdoor speaker solution to suit you and you’ll be able to leave the speakers out all year round, rain or shine!

No more batteries to charge or Hi-Fi systems to drag out from the living room. 

Our outdoor garden speakers are always wired and ready to use…

Niles Outside Planter Speaker

How it Looks is Just as Important!

Some Outdoor Speakers are designed to be discreet and blend in to your garden. These are designed to look like rocks, and remain inconspicuous in outdoor areas. They are made from an extremely durable poly resin which is built to be rugged and withstand the elements. These materials help mask accidental chips or damage which may occur and prevent the overall aesthetic of the speaker from being ruined.

No open space is too Big to Entertain

We can help you populate any outside area with entertainment no matter how big it is. It’s not a challenge using our modular outdoor speakers systems we can comfortably offer and install a solution suitable for an 18 hole golf course.

We are here to Help

The right Outdoor Speakers allow you to make the most of your garden or outdoor space and choosing which speakers and where to put them can be difficult. If you’re not sure which speakers you need, how many or where to put them, talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your garden or patio.

For more information on Outside Entertainment Systems contact our lighting team.
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Garden Plan

Your next steps towards a fantastic Audio Visual Home are...

Begin by considering which spaces around your home you want entertainment. These spaces are known as zones and might be outside as well as inside. Large open plan areas should be treated as a single zone for music even though they may use more than one pair of speakers.

Next consider how you would like to control and manage each entertainment zone. In-wall keypads, dedicated remotes, mobile devices such as smartphones or a combination of all of them are all possible. It’s about what is convenient.

A helpful piece of information is to know what your families entertainment preferences are. Knowing your Audio Visual tastes can help make Television and speaker choices. What sort of music do you listen to, Pop, Classical, Jazz? Are you a film critic or a TV Series binge watcher?

Lastly how does your family currently buy and store their entertainment, Blu-ray Disc, iTunes or a Streaming Service? This is important as it may help influence which entertainment technology systems are best for your requirements. At FINITA we don’t believe one size fits all.

With this information we can formulate a solution for you to evaluate. Once you are armed with facts and figures you can make an informed decision and plan your next steps. Even if that next step is you decide to do something different we’re here to help.

Why Choose Finita?

Because you want the best for you and your family

If you expect excellence FINITA is for you. From a large AV/Smart Home Control Project to mounting a Television you can be confident the finished solution will meet your expectations because each and every client is important. Our step-by-step project management and quality control process delivers great results every time and when the installation is complete you can relax in the knowledge that FINITA will be with you for the life of the product, not just the project. Our unparalleled customer service from beginning to end sets us apart from most other AV/Smart Home Installers.

Begin by considering what is the perfect solution for you and your family. What does it offer that you are missing right now? It might be faultless wireless connectivity throughout the house or outside entertainment to share with family and friends when the weather turns. Once you have some ideas, that is the time to get in touch for an informal chat by calling 01494 853450. If you’re not ready to talk yet you may prefer to send us a brief email or complete our contact form to ask for a bit more information.

When you are ready we can propose a solution for you to evaluate and discuss. At FINITA we believe it’s about making an informed decision so you can plan your next steps.

For a quality result let FINITA make the space where you spend your time a wonderful place to live.

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