All your entertainment, audio and video, content distributed to your whole home

Whistle while you work with your favorite music artist or relax in front of any TV, multi room audio Visual can bring any space to life. You can make easy entertainment choices using a smartphone or tablet with a dedicated app. The app enables control of one room at a time or many all at once. With multi room audio visual, you can listen or watch anywhere at home including outside with our discreet high fidelity acoustic and HD distribution solutions.

With our speaker solutions, you can set the tone of your living space, a housewarming party or a romantic night in for two. We can show you how to manage your music with custom playlists which you can wake up with, work out or fall asleep to. Listen to morning radio in the shower and continue in the kitchen over breakfast. Or at the end of a long day relax in the bath to smooth tunes. The choices in this product category are extensive but with our knowledge and experience, we can advise on the best system for your and your family based on performance and budget.


Smart AV does NOT always have to be sophisticated

IF A JOB IS WORTH DOING, IT’S WORTH DOING WELL! With a bit of careful thought and planning ????

Technology changes and this means from time to time you’ll want to add or change the cables you have hidden behind your TV and Source equipment (Blu-ray, DVD Player, Xbox, Playstation, etc.)
This is an AV conduit system we use at FINITA. It’s double skinned so the inside is smooth to allow cables to slide freely. When the project is nearing completion we’ll finish these boxes off with brush plates before coming to install cables and connect equipment… easy! ????

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LitheAudio Wireless Streaming Ceiling Speakers

Last week we were busy visiting trade stands looking for Smart Intuitive brands that can help us help our clients. There were many great products to see but one that really stood out for us was the LitheAudio ceiling speaker.
Let’s say for example you want to add ceiling speakers to a room in your home. Normally you’ll need some speaker cable in your ceiling connected to an amplifier somewhere in your home. Unless you had some major renovation work done in the past and had the foresight to have this installed (probably not!) it’s near enough impossible to add speaker cable after the fact.

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Echo DOT & Origin Acoustics Valet Multi Room System

Amazon’s Echo DOT just received an Upgrade with Valet!

Here is something really AMAZING that we just had to share with everyone. Amazon’s Echo DOT just received an Upgrade!
By now you should be familiar with Amazon’s Echo DOT that helps you take full advantage of Amazon’s Alexa voice control services. At its most basic the hockey puck DOT allows you to make purchases from the online retail giant quickly and easily by simply asking.

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