Great Multi Room Music & Radio is here…

NUVO Multi Room Music & Radio system

Long gone are the days of the analogue audio format, unless you’re a die-hard Luddite. The digital music revolution started with the invention of the Compact-Disc over 30 years ago. Hard to believe this was before the World Wide Web had even been conceived. This post touches on how great Multi room Music & Radio has become.

With the “Internet of All Things” digital content has really come of age, especially in content music delivery, or streaming as it is known. There is today a wide range of music and radio streaming devices on the market. The biggest problem for consumers is not all of these devices deliver on their promise.

NUVO, AUTONOMICS, ELAN and SONOS are just a few of the brands which in recent years have successfully bridged the gap between dreams and technology by combining functionality with ease-of-use wrapped up in quality. Add to this the advancements in ceiling and in-wall speakers technology and what you have are solutions that can enhance any space in and around the home. With careful planning, a great multi room music system will integrate as seamlessly into a property as the walls delivering stereo high fidelity music and radio at the touch of a button.

It really never has been easier than now to implement multi room music and radio.

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