LitheAudio Wireless Streaming Ceiling Speakers

Last week we were busy visiting trade stands looking for Smart Intuitive brands that can help us help our clients. There were many great products to see but one that really stood out for us was the LitheAudio ceiling speaker.
Let’s say for example you want to add ceiling speakers to a room in your home. Normally you’ll need some speaker cable in your ceiling connected to an amplifier somewhere in your home. Unless you had some major renovation work done in the past and had the foresight to have this installed (probably not!) it’s near enough impossible to add speaker cable after the fact.

Prices start from just £399 installed

The LitheAudio Ceiling speaker does away with this problem because it’s an amplifier and source all in one!
JUST ADD POWER (from your lighting) and CONNECT TO YOUR Wi-fi
Use your phone or tablet to control volume and content. You can play music from your phone, TuneIn Internet Radio, Spotify and more…
It’s easy and you can have more that one so it works just like any other whole home music solution, even in bathrooms.

Prices start from just £399 installed (that’s a whole music system for one room)

For further details or to arrange an installation call 01494 853450 and speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.

Visit LitheAudio website here