Amazon’s Echo DOT just received an Upgrade with Valet!

Echo DOT & Origin Acoustics Valet Multi Room System

Here is something really AMAZING that we just had to share with everyone. Amazon’s Echo DOT just received an Upgrade!
By now you should be familiar with Amazon’s Echo DOT that helps you take full advantage of Amazon’s Alexa voice control services. At its most basic the hockey puck DOT allows you to make purchases from the online retail giant quickly and easily by simply asking.

It works by linking to your Amazon Prime account which is also linked to your viewing and listening choices. So yes, you can also ask the DOT to serve up your favorite tunes from your music collection. The only problem is the DOT is a slightly under welliming listening experience with its tiny in built mono speaker. But we can upgrade Amazon Echo DOT with the help Origin Acoustic who have taken the DOT to the next level by seamlessly integrating it into a quality multiroom solution called “Valet”. Concealing the DOT neatly in the wall or ceiling, Origin Acoustic let you access Prime and other music streaming services as normal but hear it played back through their Valet Amplifier and quality in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. This means you get to hear your favourite artists the way they were meant to be heard. Origin Acoustics integrated system also lets you link and control peripheral equipment like your TV and SkyQ receiver meaning you can watch your favourite channel just by asking. It looks like the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise has come to life but in your own home. For those of us not indoctrinated in the ways of Star Trek this is just a really convenient way to control all your music, television and more. If you have already bought into Amazon’s Alexa you can still Upgrade Amazon Echo DOT. Contact us and find out how.

Origin Acoustics Valet Multi Room System

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